Online Guitar Lessons vs. Private Lessons

What are some of the advantages of taking online guitar lessons over private guitar lessons?

(1 Affordability

Let's be honest here. Private music lessons are incredibly expensive. I can still remember taking private lessons from a music teacher every week or so and spending around $50 dollars an hour! Even though the teacher was very good, it just wasn't worth it for me. The fact is that many people can learn much faster by studying on their own.

Note that many of the guitar courses that we review on this site cost less than a single music lesson.

(2 Features

When you are finished your private lessons, you usually don't have much to show for it, but the homework assignment you may have been given. If you missed something in the lesson or wanted the teacher to go over some techniques again, you may be out of luck. With online guitar lessons, you can always go back and review the material, and watch things over and over as much as you need to to further develop your guitar skills.

Certain people can have a difficult time when performing in front of people when they first starting off with guitar. With computer-based lessons, this is not a concern. Computer-based lessons allow you to get comfortable with your guitar much quicker than you normally would with private lessons.

(3 Convenience

  • You won't have to waste your time or money driving to and from guitar lessons every week.
  • You won't have to juggle or commit to a rigid schedule in trying to fit the lessons into your busy lifestyle.
  • Instead of verbal instruction that you may soon forget, you'll get actual lessons you can always go back to.
  • You choose at what pace you want to learn.
  • You can take the lessons with you anywhere you go.

(4 Enjoyment

Be honest ... do you really feel like always practicing your guitar if it's not fun? This is why online courses (like Jamorama, Learn and Master Guitar, or Jamplay) are so great. They make guitar fun, even when you're just starting out. Most courses come with great software add-ons, are interactive, and even allow you to play along to rockin' jam tracks... how can over-priced private lessons compete with that?

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