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  • Published By: Amazing Guitar Secrets, Den Denley
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  • Pricing: $149
  • For Skill Levels: Intermediate-Advanced
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Lead Guitar Secrets is a lead guitar course from guitar instructor Dan Denley. He as personally created several different guitar products including Amazing Guitar Secrets and Blues Guitar Secrets.

The course has a heavy focus on theory and practicing scales. Be aware that this isn't a course for the kids or someone who's just starting out on guitar. Lead Guitar Secrets is for the guitarist with a solid grounding in music theory and all the basic guitar skills and wants to move on to more challenging guitar playing, and a particular learning towards playing lead.


Lead Guitar Secrets is available as a physical product and not as a download.

Here's what's included with the Lead Guitar Secrets package:

  • 4 Instructional DVDs
  • 200-page workbook
  • Audio CD
  • Tutorial CD-ROM


  • Progress Tracker
  • Video: Director Chord Substitution
  • A Quickstart Guide

If you're looking for professionally produced DVDs, this course will fail to impress as it's a self-published effort. The teaching is good, though a bit hard to follow at times. There seemed to be many times where thorough explanations were needed but not fully given. For his part though, Dan has a very informal teaching style and a likable personality. The audio CD includes with 14 high-quality play along tracks that include a rythm-only version and a full band version.

Lead Guitar Secret's Bonuses sent along with the course failed to impress. The progress tracker is really nothing but a blank spreadsheet that can help when recording where you're at in the course. The quick start guide is just a 21-step plan to go through the course. The last bonus is a 10-minute long online video that could have been just as easily added into the DVDs.

Some things you will learn as you move through this course include how to build finger strength and maximize your picking speed, write your own songs, riffs, licks and solos, and master and play any symbol you encounter.


Dan Denley's guitar courses have email and phone support should you need them.

Ease of Use

The Lead Guitar Secrets DVDs are not region encoded. They will play on any standard DVD player. All you need is a DVD player with speakers or a PC or Mac equipment with a DVD drive.


Lead Guitar Secrets has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you aren't please with the quality of the course for any reason, you may return in within 90 days for a full refund. Return shipping isn't refundable.


At $149, Lead Guitar Secrets isn't cheap, but potentially worth the price if you consider paying an instructor for the 7 hours of video teaching Dan Denley provides. However, due to the way that the material is presented you may end up with a lot of questions that you won't be able to find answers to.

This course can be purchased using any of the major credit cards as well as Paypal. After ordering you are able to track your order.


Lead Guitar Secrets is not a guitar course for guitar novices who want to learn guitar basics. If that is your goal, take a close look at another DVD guitar course we reviewed, Learn and Master Guitar.

If you are really wanting a lead guitar course and it has to be on DVD, Lead Guitar Secrets might be your best choice right now. However, if you are fine with online guitar lessons, a website like Jamplay will contain so much more lessons and higher quality materials that Mr. Denley's Lead Guitar Secrets course can provide.

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Review Summary

It's not that we're dissing the content of the Lead Guitar Secrets course, but the curriculum needs to be cleaned up significantly to warrant the price tag Dan Denley's asking.

Lead Guitar Secrets is for advanced guitarists that specifically want to learn the ins and outs of playing lead guitar. Unfortunately, the course is neither compelling or interesting. However, it's still one of the only several guitar courses out there that focus on this specific aspect of playing guitar.

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