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Learn and Master Drums

  • Rating: (Editor's Choice for DVD Drum Lessons)
  • Published By: Legacy Learning Systems, Dan Sherill
  • Website: www.LearnAndMaster.com/Drums
  • Pricing: $119-149 (sale on now)
  • For Skill Levels: Beginner-Intermediate
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Since there may be a few aspiring guitar players out there who are also very keen on learning the drums, we've written a review of a hot new DVD course that has just been released to the public called, Learn and Master Drums.

The Learn and Master Drums course was developed by the creators of the immensely popular Learn and Master Guitar course, and have come up with yet another amazing learning program.

Learn and Master Drums contains everything you need to play drums proficiently. The course is aimed at complete beginners to intermediates who will benefit immensely from it. Here's a small sampling of what's covered: You'll learn to develop your creative ear, read music, play with brushes, play amazing solos, and learn many different drumming styles such as Jazz, Rock, Funk, and Blues.

Due to the course's massive size, there isn't an option to download Learn and Master Drums. The video and course material production quality is one of the highest you will ever see anywhere for drum learning instruction.


Learn and Master Drums Sale


Sale Details: Learn and Master Drums is currently holding their and discounting their award-winning guitar course by $100 for the duration of the event!


Here are a few actual screenshots from the Learn and Master Drums DVD course.


Learn and Master Drums was developed by Dan Sherrill and Legacy Learning Systems based out of Nashville, Tennessee. When reviewing the course, I really enjoyed listening to Dann as he was such a personable and friendly teacher. I'm sure you'll enjoy learning from one of the best as much as I did.

As you go through this DVD course, you feel like you have your own personal drum instructor... but without the $50/hour bill + commute. If drums are your thing, this course is well worth the investment.

The Learn and Master Drums course comes with 13 video training DVDs, a 112 page accompaniment lesson book, and 5 play-along CDs. They are all professionally mastered and composed by some of Nashville's fineset musicians. The course is divided up into 22 lessons, or sessions which successively build on the previous ones.

One thing that many aspiring drummers lack is a on-demand band to play with. Here's where the play-along CDs come in. The play-along CDs are simply brilliant as they have 70 full-lenth tracks that will have you playing along with your band in no time. Each track has a version with and without the drums, so you can go solo once you feel you are ready!

A bonus DVD with extra features such as the history of the drumset, how to tune and setup your drums, even more exercises, technique workshops, and lots more.


One nice feature of the Learn and Master Drums course is that you will get instant online access to a community support site where Dann Sherrill will actually answer questions you might have about drums. . You can also communicate with other drum students and find other supplemental course material that didn't fit into the training book that is provided. Unfortunately, the forum is not near as busy as we expected

The folks over at Learn and Master Drums have their complete physical address as well as a support email address on their website. Their email response times are very good.

Ease of Use

Learn and Master Drums was very well thought out and organized in an easy-to-follow manner. No usabilty issues whatsoever.

The Learn and Master Drums DVDs are not region encoded. They will play on any standard or computer DVD player. All you need is a DVD player with speakers or a PC or Mac equipped with a DVD drive.


Your purchase of Learn and Master Drums includes a risk-free 60 day money back guarantee.


Learn and Master Drums accepts both Visa and Mastercard on their online ordering site.

If you come to their site when they have a sale you can find it available for as low as $149. However, we have information that suggests that this limited-time pricing might only last until the holidays start gearing up. Our advice would be to grab it while it is still available for this low price!


If you want the highest-quality drum course available anywhere, you can search all over and never come across anything as good as Learn and Master Drums. Great teaching material, a teacher with great communication skills. You will be glad you chose Learn and Master Drums over expensive private lessons.

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Review Summary

Led by excellenct instructor Dann Sherrill, Learn and Master Drums has all you would expect from a top DVD drum course. Professional and accurate teaching, high quality video and audio and a friendly instructor.

A mediocre community site, a lack of promised supplemental online resources round out what is otherwise a perfect drum learning system.

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