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The Fret2Fret system is a method to learn the guitar or bass guitar's fretboard as quick as possible. It was designed by Mike Slaiter, a guitarist, instructor, and self-proclaimed inventor. It's actually not a guitar course per se, but instead is comprised of software that uses interesting but hardly original memory techniques to give guitarists a better understanding of how to navigate the fretboard.

Fret2Fret makes a lot of promises on its shoddy sales pages, but regrettably cannot deliver with what it offers. Their marketing copy is inaccurate and spammy, and regrettably many people fall for their unethical selling tactics. To create the illusion of value, Mike Slaiter throws in a whole bunch of free 3rd party programs and tablature that he doesn't own the rights to along with his Fret2Fret software modules.

I like to say that Fret2Fret is the guitar education's version of the acai berry weight loss websites. All hype, no substance, and then suddenly, your wallet is a little lighter. We highly recommend that you look elsewhere for a good guitar course to learn on.


Despite Fret2Fret's self-endowed hype and fanfare, this is not at all your answer to learning guitar or even gaining a proficiency with mastering the fretboard. Sure, it may be a little bit helpful for guitar newbies, but there are much, much better alternatives out there for aspiring guitarists.

If this is something you are looking at buying, don't go into it with high expectations. If we're to be brutally honest, we recommend you go elsewhere for a good guitar learning solution, since Fret2Fret isn't actually a guitar course at all, but a collection of memory exercises.

Main components of Fret2Fret:

  • A Guitar and a Bass version of the Flash-based tutorial module.
  • Fretboard Warrior (A free, 3rd party application that can be a useful tool for memorizing the fretboard.)
  • EasyChord (Another 3rd party app)
  • Collection of Guitar Tabs - Probably the most valuable component of this package. (though undoubtedly infringing copyright law)


If you buy this system, you will unfortunately won't be able to count on any support or further assistance of any kind. However, that's really irrelevant anyway, since the course, if you could call it that, is so basic you won't need any.

Ease of Use

No problems other than having to individually download all lesson material, which can be a bit tedious.

All lesson material is compatible with either the PC or the Mac.


Warning: On his site, Mike Slaiter does promise a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, there have been multiple reports that people have not been successful at receiving their refunds (We've received some of these emails ourselves). Proceed with caution, or better yet, take a look at our top choices for learning guitar.


PayPal is Fret2Fret's single payment option. For all the customers that complain about being tricked into purchasing Fret2Fret, it's amazing his paypal account hasn't been shut down.


While this course is NOT your ticket to learning the guitar, it does contain some helpful tips and tricks to memorizing the fretboard. Regardless, it's way overpriced.

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Review Summary

Don't believe all the self-hype. Fret2Fret is nothing but an overpriced, over-hyped memory trick.

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