Electric Guitars - Revolutionizing the Music World

By: Victor Epand

Plugged in music? Want to play a trendy, smart instrument? Are you in search of a perfect sound? Then electric guitar is just the thing for you.

During the era of big band, an instrument was necessary who can compete with the large volume instruments used in the jazz concerts of 30s and 40s. And that is why electric guitars were invented.

Electric guitars have a very interesting history. The string instrument makers, people who are enthusiastic about electronics and instrument manufacturers have designed it. They designed it in different combinations.

The pre historic guitar had a twang sound. Then the quest for a different sound began that led to the birth of an electric guitar, which had an amplifying horn in mid 20's of the last century. During 1920 and 24, Lloyd Loar invented the first pick up. In 1936, mass production of electric Spanish guitar (ES 150) begun. Jazz musician Charlie Christian used to play this guitar. In the year 1943, Leo Fender created a solid body electric guitar with oak wood.

In the 1950s, different kinds of electric guitars like Explorer, Flying v were invented. After these inventions, electric guitars started to fly higher. Many famous musicians, like Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix, BB King, Chuck berry popularized the electric guitars.

Bands like Guns and Roses, Europe, Queen, Deep purple also popularized this instrument.

Electric guitars are very different from that of other string instruments. This is one string instrument where you can play both the lead and the rhythm portion. This is actually a type of instrument where the vibration that comes from its strings converts into electrical current. And it is being amplified, that gives a metallic tone to them.

The tones of electric guitars can be changed. To do this, you need a gazette called processor. This processor offers you different kinds of tones. You can mix two or more tones or create some of your own tones with the help of the processor. There are several other tricks also, that can be done by the electric guitar. Like, distortion, tremolo etc.

This instrument was basically associated with rock music. But as time moved on it tied its knot with several other kind of music like jazz, blues, country music, rock n roll etc. It can be said that electric guitar has become an indispensable part of the 20th century music.

The first performance with an electric guitar was during the year 1932 in Wichita, Kansas. George Barnes was the first person to use an electric guitar in recording. He was the one who recorded two songs in Chicago on 1st March, in the year 1938.

In today's music scenario, electric guitars are gaining more and more importance. Today, we cannot imagine a music show without them. As the instrument got popular, the players also started getting noticed by the public. Even now they are so popular that we first notice the guitar player than any other musician in a music show. Electric guitars are no more under dogs, but it can be said that they are now ruling the instrumental world.

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